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Reasons to Have Your Truck Wheels Aligned Regularly

At Ross Truck and Trailer Repair, we strongly recommend that our customers bring their vehicles on a regular basis to have the wheels aligned. Proper alignment can greatly cut down your costs for fuel consumption. Having the wheels aligned means more of the engine power will be going towards moving the vehicle in the direction of travel, rather than overcoming the resistance posed by misalignment. Correct alignment also reduces wear and tear on the tires, thereby extending their lifetime and reducing the frequency of having to pay for replacements. The same is true of axles and other vehicle components which are subjected to stress and strain by improper alignment. Ross Truck is the only shop that bends Axles for Camber.

Furthermore, having your wheels aligned can lead to better handling and performance, as well as improving the stability and safety. How often you should have your wheels aligned depends on factors including how far you travel in a year, what type of driving you do (i.e. long-haul Interstate driving, driving on curvy mountain roads, city driving, etc.), the type of vehicle, and nature of the loads you haul. When we inspect your vehicle and discuss your unique situation, we will advise you of a schedule for routine maintenance and alignment.

About Wheel Alignment in San Jose, California

There are three major elements of correct wheel alignment, all of which play a crucial role in ensuring that the wheels function with optimum efficiency, safety and performance. These include the following:

  • Camber: Camber is the relative tilting of the wheel vertically. In other words, is the wheel angled in toward the vehicle body (negative camber) or outward away from the vehicle (positive camber)?  Ross Truck & Trailer Repair is the only shop that bends Axles for Camber.
  • Caster: Caster has to do with the angle at which the king pin is tilted. Negative caster occurs when the king pin is leaning forward, while positive caster occurs with a backward-leaning king pin.
  • Toe: Toe alignment refers to the direction wheels are pointed when viewed from above. If wheels point inward toward one another, they are “toe-in,” while “toe-out” alignment refers to the situation in which the wheels are angled away from the center of the vehicle, forming an obtuse angle.

About Our San Jose Truck Alignment Services

In our shop, we perform semi-truck and trailer laser alignments on rear hub track for 3 axle semis, using a high-speed balance system (Bee Line Laser Alignment ) This system enables us to greatly cut down on your expenses-both in terms of labor and turnaround time-since it allows us to align the wheels while the tires are still on the vehicle. The machine detects the actual weight of your vehicle in order to get a better read and make more accurate adjustments. This is one more example of how we are dedicated to saving you time and money while also providing you with the best service available.

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