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At Ross Truck and Trailer Repair, we have extensive experience working with all types of suspension systems for trucks. From 2-wheel vehicles to 18-wheelers, we do it all. If you are looking for an honest and reliable suspension repair and adjustment shop, choose us. We have been family-owned and operated since 1983, and are recognized for providing some of the best service throughout Santa Clara County.

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Truck suspension is one of those things that most people know something about, but typically they do not know all that there is to know. On the surface, the suspension seems to be a relatively simple matter of whether or not your vehicle goes up and down properly when traveling over bumps in the road and rough surfaces. The deeper you look into the components, however, the more complicated they become.

Suspensions have two major functions: 1) to support the weight of the truck, and 2) to absorb the inconsistencies of the road and terrain changes. There are many different types of suspension systems, each one of which is ideally suited to a certain variety of vehicle and load type. We know how to work with all of them, and can adjust or repair your suspension on any kind of vehicle including:

Reasons to Have Your Truck Suspension Inspected and Maintained

Keeping the suspension properly tuned and serviced makes it easier for the driver to maintain control of the vehicle, as well as providing a more comfortable ride and smoother travel for the cargo. Getting the system inspected and maintained on a regular basis can make an enormous difference in terms of reducing the costs of repairs and the potential for accidents.

Some of the most common signs that your shocks and struts may need attention include:

  • Uneven tire wear
  • Your truck “nose dives” when you hit the brakes
  • The ride is shaky, bumpy or rough
  • Fluid is leaking from the shocks
  • During turns, you notice that the vehicle says or leans from side to side

Don’t wait until you notice something is wrong before bringing your truck in for a safety inspection. By spotting small issues before they turn into large problems, we can usually save our customers large amounts of money in repair bills and downtime. The alternative is to find out about your suspension system’s problems when it is already too late, when the components fail and cause breakdown or a crash.

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