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It would be difficult to exaggerate the importance of a truck’s braking system. A truck needs a big engine in order to move the massive loads it hauls around. It needs a strong chassis to support the weight of the cargo and stand up to the stress and strain of travel. It needs a good suspension system to cushion the load and carry the truck over rough roads. None of this, however, will be of any use if brakes are worn or inoperable. Unfortunately, a truck driver often does not know about problems with the brakes until it is too late and an accident occurs. Stock trucks stop fairly well. If, on the other hand, you have truck with a lift, bigger tires, and several hundred pounds in bumpers, tools, and a winch, then your stopping distances increase dramatically. If your brake pads are in poor condition and hazardous to use, our truck shop provides brake replacement.

For example, a fully-loaded semi-truck requires 125 feet to come to a full stop when traveling at 40 MPH, as compared with 124 feet for a sedan. At 65 MPH, the disparity is even greater, with 316 feet for the sedan and a staggering 525 feet for the truck. The reasons for this increased stopping distance involve the added weight of a truck’s wheels, tires, and other gear, along with the increased rotational inertia of those bigger, heavier tires, and the greater weight transfer your lift has created, as well as the weight of the truck’s cargo. The preceding stopping distance calculations assume that the truck’s brakes are in proper working order. If the brake pads or brake lines are worn or malfunctioning due to wear and tear or lack of routine inspections and maintenance, an emergency stop can easily turn into a tragedy. Having regular brake services and having a brake replacement are ways to counteract these events.

Improving your truck’s braking system is something that is easy to do in small steps, and you can expect small gains from each small upgrade. Or, if you prefer, you can make one large leap and install a completely new brake system that will allow your truck to stop better than it ever did when it was stock. Whether you are interested in upgrading your braking system or simply want to have routine maintenance, call Ross Truck and Equipment Repair at 408-292-1464. We’ll perform a complete brake inspection, and discuss your options to get you back on the road with safety and confidence.

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