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San Jose Truck Repair and Maintenance Services

Ross Truck and Tailer Repair is a family-owned and operated truck repair and service shop, and we have been in operation since 1983. Conveniently located in San Jose just off U.S. 101, we serve individual customers and fleet clients throughout Santa Clara County. From 2-wheelers to 18-wheelers, we do it all.

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  • Truck Service & Repairs: While any car requires routine maintenance and repairs, this is especially important for trucks. For one thing, trucks are subjected to more wear and tear, in addition to the fact that you and your business most likely rely upon the vehicle in order to conduct operations.
  • Trailer Service & Repairs: Trailers need repair and routine maintenance too, and our team performs services across the spectrum, from ensuring that the trailer hitch is secure to checking signal lights and making sure tires are well balanced, to fixing brakes, welding and repairing electrical wiring.
  • Semis, Vans, Fleet Service & Repairs: A large percentage of our customers are fleet clients who count on us to keep their vehicles in operation and to prevent costly problems before they happen. We understand that time is money when it comes to your big rig, service truck, dump truck, or delivery van, and we do what it takes to get you back on the road so that you can get the job done.
  • Alignments: Our mechanics use an advanced high-speed balance system for alignment jobs. This equipment allows us to perform the alignment while the tires are still on the vehicle. It detects the actual weight of the vehicle in order to get a better read and make more accurate adjustments.
  • Brake Repairs and Upgrades: Given their considerable-often enormous-size and weight, trucks of all makes and models have longer stopping distances than normal passenger automobiles. Consequently, it is vital to ensure that the brakes are in proper working order to avoid accidents.
  • Suspensions: Suspension systems are far more sophisticated than simple shock absorbers. The suspension supports the weight of the truck and absorbs inconsistencies of the road surface, thereby keeping the load stable and making it possible for the driver to keep the vehicle moving straight.

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