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Kinds of Truck Equipment

Ross Truck and Trailer Repair provides trailer repairs for independent owner-operators, companies with vast trucking fleets, and everyone in between. We’re even happy to work on small trailers pulled by pickup trucks. Our truck shop doesn’t stop there—we’ve repaired plenty of horse trailers, boat trailers, and RVs. If it can be towed behind a truck or SUV, we’ve repaired it. Our expert technicians can make sure you and your cargo stay safe on your next vacation or trucking assignment. If you need any kind of truck accessories in San Jose, CA, our truck shop can help you.

Our Truck Services

Though trailers aren’t as complicated as truck engines, there’s still plenty that can go wrong with them. The trailer repair technicians at Ross Truck and Trailer Repair are always ready to provide the following trailer repair services.

· Brake Inspection and Repair: Though people who tow small trailers can forgo brakes, professional truck drivers and RV enthusiasts must outfit their trailers with brakes and brake controllers. Our technicians will gladly inspect and repair your brakes as needed.

· Electrical Wiring: If your trailer’s brake lights and turn signals malfunction, other drivers may become confused and cause a nasty accident. We’ll make sure your trailer’s electrical wiring is intact and fully functional.

· Hitch Services: You won’t be able to tow much without a reliable trailer hitch. Whether you need hitch installation, replacement, or repair services, Ross Truck and Trailer Repair can deliver.

· Welding and Fabrication: After periods of heavy use, your trailer may begin to fall apart. We can provide expert fabrication and welding services to restore your trailer and ensure its reliable performance going forward.

For reliable trailer repair in San Jose, trust Ross Truck and Trailer  Repair. We provide ample repair services for the whole truck, including the engine, wheels, and trailer. We won’t just repair the broken parts of your trucking equipment; we’ll also make sure your trailer is fit to perform whatever tasks you have in mind. Come by our San Jose truck and equipment repair shop to see why we’ve been one of the area’s most trusted names in trailer repair for the past 30 years.

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